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Chad Ochocinco's cereal leads to a sex line

A phone number designed to direct buyers of Chad Ochocinco's cereal to a children's charity is instead that of a phone sex line. The company that makes the cereal for the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver is pulling boxes with the bad number from store shelves. From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The number on the boxes, 1-800-HELP-FTC connects callers to a seductive-sounding woman’s voice and music. She teases in shocking detail and then asks for a debit or credit card number: “You must be 18 or older to get into this party, baby!”

The correct area code is actually "888" not "800." The mistake was made by Feed the Children which gets a portion of proceeds from each box sold. Ochocinco is trying to turn it into a positive:

“I’ve been part of the organization and been doing things to help bring awareness to the causes. Having the cereal was another way,” Ochocinco said. “Anyone I’ve affected I really do apologize. Some people got a laugh out of it, others are upset.

“It’s a little bit of a negative but it sheds a positive light on what I’m doing. They have to get the right number 1-888-Help FTC. Not 800. If you dial 800 you’re on your own.”

Hat tip to RJ.