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Gay sports bars popping up

Bloomberg has an article today about the proliferation of gay sports bars, which the publication attributes to an increase in disposable income.

In the past few years, almost a dozen sports bars catering to a gay clientele have opened around the country, including Crew in Chicago, Fritz in Boston and GYM Sportsbar in Los Angeles [the one in NY opened in 2005].

The sudden success has even surprised some proprietors. “Quite frankly, we had no idea that gay men and women really loved sports,” said Jennifer Morales, the marketing director of SideLines sports bar, outside Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The article does a disservice by not talking about Gym Sportsbar in New York specifically (I have to believe there's some kind of politics there as it would be a no-brainer to discuss Boxer's top competition at length). When they opened in Chelsea in 2005 they instantly became the hottest bar in the neighborhood and remained such for years.

I went to Boxers while in New York last month. It's a really fun spot. Sports are playing everywhere, the music is upbeat, and the bartenders are dressed in only boxers (shocking, I know).