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Kickette: A site if you like hot soccer players

With articles like "Player Stalking: A User's Guide" and "The Sizzle Query: The Tuesday Torso Trifecta," the soccer (or "football" for their readers) site Kickette does not concern itself with on-field strategy or player transfers. Instead its mission is hell of a lot more entertaining: "all things fun, fluffy and footie-related. Multi-millionaire football star shenanigans, exclusive WAG gossip and snarky fashion analysis are the reason we exist."

Formed by self-described "female journalists, fashionistas and debauchery-chasing champagne swillers," the 4-year-old site (based, I presume, in Britain) is a hoot to read since it's full of playful snark and gossip that is not mean-spirited. And tons of photos of shirtless soccer players.

We are happy to post about any player from any league, but for obvious reasons the more popular leagues (and, well, the most attractive players) tend to get the most exposure since we’re shallow like that.

Hey, since we at Outsports can also be shallow at times, check out their current five hottest players, their all-time hall of fame, their "baby-faced ballers," and their "Sizzle Query." They also address the burning question of all those who follow German soccer. No, not who the next national coach will be, but who's hotter: Tobias Schweinsteiger (left), or Bastian, with Bayern Munich. Tough call: