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Raheem Brock calls Jay Cutler a 'sissy'

The latest round of criticism against Jay Cutler disgusts me. The Bears QB sprained his MCL during the NFC Championship game and doctors told him not to return. Now assholes like Deion Sanders and Derrick Brooks and Darnell Dockett and a bunch of other jerks are lining up to criticize him for not returning to the game...with a SPRAINED MCL.

The most homophobic comment came from Raheem Brock, a defensive end for the Seahwaks, who called Cutler a "sissy." Let me complete that thought for Brock..."'cuz only a fag wud quit da game." By the way, Cutler and his team kicked the shit out of Brock and his team last how does it feel to get beaten by a sissy, Raheem? Not sure he was even on the field for that game, given he had a whopping 1 tackle and 1 assist.

Interesting that all the guys talking shit on Cutler...are all sitting home watching the playoffs and trying to live some glory with Madden and an Xbox.

This year has tried my patience with the uber-masculine culture that surrounds the players in the league. It's pushed me away and I watched far fewer games this year than any other year since the early '90s. Players saying they are out to injure other players, complaining about fines from the league for trying to knock the head off defenseless players, and now you're not a teammate or a man unless you drug yourself up and play through a sprained MCL, risking major injury. Football's still a great sport, but this "injure or be injured" attitude has got to stop.