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Gay-themed Doritos Super Bowl ads

A couple gay Doritos Super Bowl ads have been flying around the Internet this week. They were a couple failed entries for a contest Doritos and Pepsi are conducting to determine what they'll air during the big game. They're both humorous but don't feel like Super Bowl ads, so I'm not surprised they weren't picked. Some gay people are up in arms that they're so stereotypical and are thus a disgrace; At some point we have to let people have some fun with us, instead of screaming "stereotype" every time two guys are depicted next to a pool or in a sauna. You can see them after the jump.

However, there is still one gay-themed ad selected as a finalist that features a guy sucking another guy's finger and ripping off another guy's pants. You can vote for "The Best Part" here (though I don't think it's the strongest). See all three videos after the jump...