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St. Michael's College athletics teams combine for awesome It Gets Better video

Brian Healey

This is cool -- players from the men's and women's basketball teams, men's hockey team and tennis team have combined to produce an It Gets Better video for St. Michael's College in Vermont.

One of the editors of the video is Brian Healey, captain of the Purple Knights men's tennis team, who says this:

I'm an out college athlete and I'm proud to say my teammates support me as much as I support them on and off the court.

The video is a must-see and shows the power of an institution getting behind making athletics safe for LGBT athletes. Healey is the only athlete self-identified as gay in the video, which means there are a ton of gay allies at the school. Hearing hockey player Brady Earle say, "we will not tolerate bullying of any kind" is terrific and if I was a gay hockey player considering a school, the welcoming environment at St. Michael's would be appealing (along with its excellent academics).

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