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Anton Hysen headed for Major League Soccer? Vancouver, Kansas City or Los Angeles?

Towleroad has tracked down several rumors floating around that openly gay Swedish soccer player Anton Hysen is coming to Major League Soccer, and it could happen as early as today. From Hysen's site:

hey everybody ! I hope everyone is doing good tonight/today wherever you are. I just got back from my friends place. We just talked about how our future would look like & about how he wants to succeed in football. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with my sports chef. Tomorrow will be an important day & I wil see how things will end up.

We know Hysen was in Los Angeles in the last few weeks: And Chivas USA has been very gay-friendly. Could it be them? Or the Galaxy? The two teams reportedly interested (from The Vancouver Whitecaps (David Testo's old team) and Sporting Kansas City.

Sporsbladet, a Swedish sports site, has some interesting quotes from Hysen; They say his most likely landing spot is Vancouver. Hysen told them:

It looks damn good. I'm really interested. ... I talked with [the Vancouver Whitecaps] and it looks good, I can say. They are interested. It was a good talk and they have said how they want it.

While it's not the Big Four, an out soccer player in MLS would finally break the absence of any out pro male athletes in the top U.S. sports. Formerly Andrew Goldstein was drafted by and played in Major League Lacrosse.

Here's hoping!