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Moment #52: Roger Brigham comes out to his managing editor

Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history.

Sports reporting, 1982. When Anchorage Daily News sports editor Roger Brigham walked into his managing editor's office in 1982, he began a 30-year legacy that is rivaled by few in all of gay-sports journalism. He came out to his editor that day because the newspaper had no one to give insight on local gay issues. In a town of 180,000 people in Alaska he did what no one (to our knowledge) had been able to do even in gay-friendly metropolises like New York and Los Angeles.

Since then, Brigham has been a champion for gay equality. In his reporting he is unbridled in his push for more visibility for gay athletes. Now with the Bay Area Reporter, he often chronicles the stories of gay athletes. He is an integral part of the Golden Gate Wrestling Club which makes wrestling accessible for gay and straight adults; And he's invested heavily in bringing sports into the lives of youth, coaching wrestling at a San Francisco high school.

He's also a fierce advocate for the Gay Games. Rejected for participation at the first Gay Games the same year he came out at work, Brigham uses his coaching and journalistic efforts to support the world's largest gay-sports event.

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