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Eli and Peyton Manning are a couple of fairies

I've gotta admit, I don't quite get DirecTV's whole "fairy" campaign. First it was Deion Sanders with pretty wings. Now both Eli Manning and Peyton Manning have satchels of pixie dust. And into DirecTV customer's inboxes yesterday came an invitation to Fairy Training Camp (below), where you can teach the Mannings how to throw a football...because, of course, fairies need help in that department.

The lesson learned here and from the Oreo's "Double Stuff" Racing League commercials: Either they're trying to tell us something, or the Mannings would probably sell their first born for a jar of pennies while they have the chance.

Now if only we could get Warren Sapp and Vince Wilfork into those fairy outfits...

Hat tip to Brent Mullins.