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Fired sportscaster Damian Goddard featured in ads against gay marriage

Damian Goddard was fired by Rogers Sportsnet in Canada last year after he tweeted his opposition to NHL player Sean Avery's support of gay marriage. Goddard is now featured in ads in four states where gay marriage is on the ballot next Tuesday. He told Canada's National Post:

I think it’s important in this day and age, especially for people of faith, to stand up for what they believe in — especially something as organic as marriage being defined as between one man and one woman. I think it’s vitally important in a free society to be able to not only express your deep-held beliefs but to also not be afraid to appear in a commercial or take to Twitter and social media.

Goddard is a spokesman for the rabidly anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, which is running ads against gay marriage in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington. Since the ads appeared, Goddard has been criticized:

People are telling me to get a job, stay out of their business in the United States, “your hate-filled ugliness,” “keep your hate-filled rhetoric out of my state,” “I’m embarrassed that you’re Canadian.” Just mocking me for what I stand for. “Nice political TV ad you bigoted piece of s—.” I don’t want to get into it … some of the cursing is pretty crazy.

He deserves the criticism and I feel zero sympathy for a man whose mission is to deny a segment of society the same rights he enjoys. He obviously feels he is a martyr and doing God's work, but a bigot is a bigot, whether he wraps himself in the Bible or not.