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Ryan Lochte back in swim competition in a pink-accented Speedo

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U.S. Olympic swimming gold medalist Ryan Lochte was back in the pool this weekend as he swam in the Minneapolis Grand Prix, his first meet since London; he won both his events. He tweeted: "It was fun racing tonight. it felt like i was back in high school having fun and enjoying the sport. now Getting another burger."

What caught my eye was Lochte's swimsuit for the meet (see photo below): A stylish black Speedo with an arty pink band that left little to the imagination (he accented it with a black Gator swimcap in honor of the University of Florida). I wouldn't expect anything different from a guy whose totally into fashion and wants to be a clothes designer. Too bad he's not allowed to design his own suits for the Olympics.


Ryan Lochte prior to 200 individual medley at the Minneapolis Grand Prix. (Photo: Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE)