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Several Oakland Raiders congratulate Brendon Ayanbadejo on gay marriage win

Brendon Ayanbadejo

The Baltimore Ravens brutalized the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, 55-20. It was the most points scored in Ravens history. Yet some Raiders still tracked down Baltimore linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo and congratulated him on the same-sex marriage victories at the ballot box last week. From TMZ:

Brendon tells us, "Three Raiders congratulated me on working with and for marriage equality. I remember their names but I will keep that to myself."

He adds, "Ethnicity-wise, it was two white guys and one black guy. Ethnicity plays an important part in this movement."

It's yet still more evidence that the NFL is a lot closer to acceptance than most people think. It's also interesting that Ayanbadejo won't mention the players' names. I understand these were conversations between two men on a football field, but it's not something that needs to be hidden. More names and voices can help break down these long-standing barriers. And it's not like the athletes are saying they're gay. Let's hear it -- Who are these supporters of same-sex marriage?

In July, Raider cornerback Taiwan Jones told Outsports he would welcome a gay teammate.

"It wouldn’t affect me,” Jones said. “As long as he respects me and my space, I have nothing against gay people or what he does in his life and his private time.”