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Brandon Marshall tweets a photo of a teammate's naked butt

It's been a good week for lovers of the male butt, with players showing some bare ass (and Bear ass) in NFL locker rooms. Deadspin archived both images, which have since disappeared from their original sources.

The latest was Chicago Bears Brandon Marshall, who tweeted a picture of himself getting gear from the University of Central Florida, his alma mater. "Like a kid in the candy store. Look what was in my package," he tweeted. The real treat, though, was in the background, where a teammate was fully naked bending over. Oops.

"Sorry about my guy in the back getting dressed in that photo," Marshall tweeted about the photo that he deleted but that Deadspin has saved. Nothing to be sorry about. I am not sure who the bare-naked Bear is, though one Deadspin commenter thought it was cornerback Tim Jennings.

Earlier in the week, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave a post-game locker room interview after a win over the Eagles that was uploaded on the Cowboys official site. In the interview, a naked Cowboy can be seen in the background from behind. The Cowboys re-edited the video to remove the nudity, but once again Deadspin came to the rescue with the original. This is the same Jerry Jones who this summer said he "wants me some glory hole." How 'bout dem Cowboys!