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Toronto Argonauts Joe Eppele and Mike Bradwell talk about having a gay teammate

Argonaut Joe Eppele

Xtra took the field with the Toronto Argonauts at a recent practice and interviewed offensive lineman Joe Eppele and wide receiver Mike Bradwell. Both expressed support for a gay teammate (video below). Eppele told Xtra that he thinks some of the guys on the team would feel awkward around an openly gay teammate at first, but that guys would warm up to it:

Unfortunately I think it is something that is a reality with teams. There are issues, just still stemming from the stubborn jock mentality that some of the guys still hold onto with sports. But, I definitely think that people are becoming more open-minded toward it.

Xtra didn't ask the men if they would support at gay teammate. At least, it wasn't included in the video or the story. Given the men's answers -- and Bradwell's openness to marching in a gay pride parade -- it's probably safe to assume they would be supportive.

Eppele played for the Washington State Cougers in college. Bradwell played for McMaster University in Hamilton.