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Canadian Football League player Jon Cornish proud of his lesbian mom

Calgary Stampeders running back won the Most Outstanding Canadian award in the Canadian Football League as his team prepares for Sunday's Grey Cup championship game. In attendance was his mom, Margaret, a school teacher turned Anglican priest, now married to a woman. Cornish told the Calgary Herald how he came to learn about his mom being a lesbian.

Cornish recalled coming home for Christmas break from the University of Kansas. "She was super-excited, so I was like 'Did you meet somebody or something?' And she said 'Yeah.' And then I said 'So what's he like?' And she said 'It's a she.'

"And for me, it took maybe 15 seconds to process and then it was 'OK, that's pretty cool.' And that was that."

In accepting his award, Cornish thanked those important to him, and added: "Once again, I'd like to thank my mom — well, my two moms," he concluded. "Because who are we without our families?"

Cornish, who said he always challenges anyone who uses a gay slur, said he is most happy that his mom found someone she loved. He sounds like a well-adjusted man and for that he can thank his mom, who obviously raised him well.

Hat tip to Allison.