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Rick Welts' magic rubbing off on the Golden State Warriors

A year after hiring Rick Welts as team president, the Golden State Warriors are giving fans in the Bay Area something to celebrate for the first time in a half-decade. The Warriors sit atop the Pacific Division with a 9-6 record, tied for the seventh-best record in basketball. While Welts isn't in charge of personnel, it's hard to not think his business expertise and rich experience in the NBA are part of the team's early-season turnaround.

Last year the Warriors finished the shortened season 13 games out of the playoffs with a .348 record. The season before that they finished 10 games out of the playoffs. In fact, they haven't finished within 10 games of the playoffs in five years, and they haven't been in the playoffs since the 2006-'07 season when they were the eighth seed in the West. Included in their current run are wins over the Clippers and the Hawks. See! This is what happens when you hire a gay guy!

Right now they've got two of the league's top 25 scorers in Stephen Curry and David Lee. Lee is also one of the league's top 10 rebounders, and Karl Landry is pouring in some key minutes with a shooting percentage of almost 58%. These are numbers you just haven't seen from the Warriors in a while.

Timing couldn't be better, as the Warriors are trying to get some money from the city for a new arena to be built on the piers.

They're currently two games up on a playoff spot. Let's hope Welts' magic can help the team get to the promised land!