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Cleveland Browns Won't Discipline Tank Carder

Team passes the buck to head coach Pat Shurmur

Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shurmur
Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shurmur
Matthew Stockman

Will we see 'faggot'-tweeting rookie linebacker Tank Carder on the field in the Browns' game against the Oakland Raiders this weekend? The Browns won't take action on Carder's anti-gay tweets, telling Outsports: "Player discipline is between coach Shurmur and the player."

Earlier this week, the NFL passed the buck to the Browns, who have now passed it along to their coach. This is how you say, "We don't give a shit," without having to say the actual words.

It's now clear there will be no action taken against Carder. The NFL doesn't want it, and the Browns don't want it. They've effectively killed the story. On CBS Radio's Kiley & Booms show in Cleveland this morning, they told me the story died a quick death in Cleveland.

Still, there is some good that can come out of this. While discipline is part of education, there is some solid education that can transpire. Hopefully the Browns and the NFL read the open letter to Carder by Vince Pryor. Hopefully they've read about Wade Davis and the You Can Play project. I know GLAAD is talking with them. These folks can help stop these incidents before they happen.

If this isn't just a "let's sweep it under the carpet" moment, the NFL and its teams will tap into these resources in the form of conversations with athletes, coaches and front-office execs. Ultimately, they could make a statement that is just as powerful as a suspension. The NFL rookie symposium is in June. We'll see...