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Warwick Rowing's 'Brokeback Boathouse' video raises money for anti-bullying

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In September, we told you about the 2013 naked calendar by the Warwick University rowing club in Coventry, England, proceeds of which go to Ben Cohen's StandUp Foundation to fight bullying of gay kids. The boys are now back with a video called "Brokeback Boathouse."

"Discover the unpixellated truth about what happens when sportsmen get together and get naked," a teaser for the video trailer says. The trailer is terrific, with one rower saying about a teammate: "He's that guy in the calendar who has the incredible ass."

You can buy the calendar and download "Brokeback Boathouse" on the club's website.

Don't watch the trailer if seeing buff, adorable athletes offends you (there is no frontal nudity, but you will see bare bums):

Warwick Rowing 2013: Brokeback Boathouse from Progressive Media on Vimeo.