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Court orders former Croatian soccer chief to apologize for anti-gay remark

Croatia's Supreme Court has ordered Vlatko Markovic, the former head of the country's soccer federation, to publicly apologize for an anti-gay remark he made in 2010. According to the court order, Markovic cannot make anymore discriminatory comments against gay people, and he must pay for the publication of his apology in the newspaper.

When asked in 2010 if he had met any gay soccer players, Markovic commented: "No, fortunately football is only played by healthy people."

From NineMSN:

He later apologised for the comments, saying that he had "absolutely nothing against members of any minority, especially not against those of homosexual orientation."

However several gay rights groups filed charges against Markovic accusing him for discrimination.

After a Zagreb court last year rejected the charges as unfounded, the activists appealed to the Supreme Court in May 2011.

"This is a big day, we are extremely happy that the ruling confirming discrimination is final," Marko Jurcic of the Zagreb Pride association told AFP.