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Bullied football player Kacey Strough expected to survive brain surgery

Bullied football player Kasey Strough

More details are emerging about the attack on 16-year-old Iowa football player Kacey Strough that sent him to brain surgery and a medically induced coma. It was six weeks ago that his own teammates threw a football repeatedly at the back of his head. A blood clot apparently formed, creating migraines as his part of his body slowly paralyzed. It took weeks of complaining by Kasey before he ended up in a seven-hour brain surgery.

No one at the school has yet been put on administrative leave. That includes the football coach whom Kasey allegedly told about the attack by his teammates.

Kasey's grandmother, Chris, said she feels a lot of "anger" about the incident. A video report on the incident is now available, thanks to KETV 7 in Omaha.

We'll continue to follow this story...