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Doug Martin would welcome gay teammate as he runs all over the NFL

Rookie Tampa Bay Bucaneer running back Doug Martin has exploded onto the NFL scene in the last few weeks. His 272 total yards and four touchdowns last week against the Oakland Raiders was probably the best single-game performance by a player at any position this season. In fact, it was one of the greatest single-game performances ever, as he scored what says was the third-highest fantasy football performance ever.

Last May, I caught up with Martin at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere event and asked him about having a gay teammate, along with a couple other questions. The brief interview is below...

Outsports: Have you ever had a gay teammate that you knew of?
Martin: I never have, come to think of it. I never have.

OS: How would you feel if you did, if somebody came out to you?
Martin: I wouldn’t mind at all. I would accept it and just go along with our business. It wouldn’t really affect me.

OS: Do you have any friends or family members who are gay?
Martin: Not that I know of, that I know of yet.

OS: Have you met many gay people in your life?
Martin: I have. They've been around me and they've introduced themselves to me. And I really…it is what it is.

OS: Do your teammates in the locker room every talk about gay issues? It’s kind of in the zeitgeist right now.
Martin: Nobody really talks about that. It’s like, we debate in the locker room, but nobody really debates about that stuff in the locker room. We just keep that somewhere else. But you know, it’s stuff that we need to talk about.

It's great to see a guy who had such a spectacular day be gay-friendly. Add him to the list...

Photo: Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE