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Podcast: War Room Sports joins us to discuss race, religion & homophobia

Two of the co-founders of War Room Sports, Jimmy Williams and Devin McMillan, joined our latest Outsports Podcast to talk about the intersections of race, religion and sexual orientation. Their insights were fascinating. When the conversation turned to the Bible as the root of perceived homophobia among black men, the guys personally rejected the notion:

McMillan: "In my experience... a lot of times that's used as a crutch... as a way to not talk about the issue, they'll just jump to religion. 'Cause a lot of times once you jump to religion, someone will stop the conversation."

Williams: "And at the same time, when people use religion to basically speak out against homosexuals, if you ask the person speaking to show you where in the Bible it says where it says this or where it says that, a lot of times that person really can't show you. ... Then of course you have holy rollers that can back up what they're saying, but I think a lot of people just follow the trend and, just so they don't have to really talk about it or dig deep into the subject, they just basically use religion."

Be sure to listen to our entire 15-minute conversation on the Outsports podcast.

And check out War Room Sports and their very popular weekly radio broadcast. These guys have great insights into sports, and their current NFL and NBA analysis is fun and on point!