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Buzzfeed names Brian Sims one of world's 15 hottest politicians

Brian Sims

Buzzfeed is notorious for page-view grabbing lists of the "20 best this" or "30 top that," and their latest is a good one -- the "15 Hottest Politicians From Around the World." Making their cut is Brian Sims, the openly gay former college football captain and now new state rep in Pennsylvania.

"Slow news day or AWESOME news day?!?" Sims wrote on his Facebook page. One of Sims' friends joked: "Oh Brian you love it. It's the second time you posted deserve it though. But you should have been first."

The list is fun to peruse, though the shirtless shot of Vladimir Putin creeps me out. Plus, whoever did the list didn't bother with a lot of research -- it has Yulia Tymoshenko as Ukraine's prime minister; she has not held that post since 2010 and is currently in jail.