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Chris Kluwe Joins Athlete Ally

Minnesota Vikings punter brings his activism and passion

Chris Kluwe
Chris Kluwe

Days after being told by Minnesota Vikings coaches to "cool it" with the activism, Chris Kluwe has announced the punter is joining the group Athlete Ally as an ambassador. Kluwe's specific role with the group will, not surprisingly, focus on football:

As the first Athlete Ally Ambassador from a professional sports team, Kluwe - a longtime advocate for LGBT equality - joins scores of college athletes who have already signed on. Kluwe will be a liaison between the organization and the NFL, help promote Athlete Ally’s mission to end homophobia in sports by speaking out to his team, league, and fan base, and will encourage his colleagues to join in the effort.

Kluwe clearly has no intention of slowing down his activism. While the NFL is important to him, he puts equality in sports on par with his paycheck. It's amazing to see.

On Sunday, Kluwe and the Vikings pulled off an upset at the St. Louis Rams, 36-22. Kluwe punted four times including a 50-yard boom.