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Vanderbilt removes UK2GAY Kentucky shirts from online store

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Update: These shirts may have been originally used in 2010. Either way, they're not available now.

Unidentified Vanderbilt fans, presumably students, had created a T-shirt (right) for the Commodores' upcoming game against No. 1 Kentucky on Saturday. Creators of the shirt, with the phrase "UK2GAY," included this disclaimer on the Web site for the shirt:

**These shirts are not meant to be offensive or derogatory. They are only meant to be humorous.**

They caught the attention of Aaron McQuade at GLAAD this week. McQuade contacted the school's media relations department, who told him they would investigate.

The shirt has since been removed from the online store and is no longer available for sale. McQuade wasn't sure if the school intervened, or if the creators of the shirt, who said they didn't mean to be offensive, removed it because that mission was clearly not accomplished.

Hat tip to Ryan V.