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Ex-Seattle Seahawk Ken Hutcherson says gay marriage will lead to men marrying horses

Now that Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire signed a bill allowing for same-sex marriage in the state, the battle there turns to a referendum that opponents are trying to get on the November ballot. One of the leaders in the fight against same-sex marriage there is Ken Hutcherson, a pastor and former player for the Seattle Seahawks (he made our "anti-gay" list years ago). Hutcherson regularly quotes the Bible in condemning gays, and he also does not hesitate to bring bestiality into the debate. From On Top Magazine:

He called in to Seattle Channel's City Inside/Out show, which was hosting a debate on the issue. “Do they believe that if they change the definition of marriage being between one man and one woman, what is going to stop two men one woman, two women one man, one man against a horse, one man with a boy, one man with anything?” Hutcherson asked.

I am a Colts fan, but I am not going to marry one. If that's not enough, Hutcherson predicts that society will crumble once gays start to marry. He wrote this for

Now do I think God brings judgment on a society that encourages homosexuality? I do. And since I am a pastor and God has commanded me to love everyone, I will do what it takes to love them. That does not mean I will accept that they stay the way they are. Unrepentant sin destroys you and will kill you. So if I believe the word of God, that He will bring judgment on a people, then I would be a very bad shepherd not to warn those people.

Thanks for the heads-up. Bravo to Washington state for legalizing same-sex marriage in the face of haters like Hutcherson. I was heartened to see a poll that showed 55% of those in Washington would vote to uphold the law in a referendum. But opponents of equal rights for gays and lesbians will pull out all the stops to get the referendum on the ballot and will spare no expense to see it passed. This fight is far from over.