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Aussie Rules Football chief Andrew Demetriou says league would embrace out gay player

Australian Football League chief executive Andrew Demetriou said at an anti-violence program that the league would stand with an athlete who decided to come out of the closet.

Demetriou highlights that coming out is a personal decision and still a matter of personal choice. “But if a player wanted to make it public about his sexual preference then he would get absolutely nothing but support from the AFL, and nothing but support from everyone in the industry,” he assured.

“I’m really proud of the way that the AFL family embraces people whatever background they’ve got… I think you’re going to be very surprised by the reaction you’ll find in this particular industry and this family.”

That statement of support is a lot further than any of the millionaires running our five big sports leagues have gone. Hopefully some day soon the big-league commissioners will have the respect to issue a similarly inclusive statement.