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Was Portland gay bowling league forced out of Hollywood Bowl alley for being gay?

Gay bowling is scary, huh?

The Portland Community Bowling League, an LGBT sports group, claims they are being force from their home Hollywood bowl bowling alley because the owner doesn't want a gay league there. Towleroad has a full account from one of the league members.

But the alley owner says they have simply gotten rid of weekend-night leagues in all three of their bowling alleys across the state. They also offered the gay league other time slots, but the league declined the offer. One league member named Daniel insists they have not declined the owner's offer of another night, but that other leagues are still allowed to bowl on Friday.

At first blush, it seems like somebody doesn't like the loss of their prime Friday-night timeslot and is crying homophobia; If they were offered other times and declined, how is that homophobia? On the other hand, if they are moved from Friday night but others aren't, I'm left wondering why. Are they the newest league to the alley (doubtful since they seem to have started there in the late Nineties)? The largest? Smallest? There are lots of reasons to be asked to move to another night, so I'm not sure why homophobia is the go-to rally cry for this group.

But we'll follow the story as it develops in hopes of more information, and we certainly welcome anyone here who can shed light on this one!