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Exeter City FC fights homophobia this Saturday as part of 'Football v. Homophobia'

Can you imagine several San Diego Chargers standing outside their stadium before a game handing out pamphlets against homophobia in sports? Or how about Vincent Jackson and Shaun Phillips showing up to coach San Diego's gay flag football league? Yet Exeter City FC is doing exactly that: Players have already had a coaching session with the gay Devon Lions soccer club; And together players from the two teams will fight homophobia this Saturday at Exeter City's game against Bury.

The effort is part of the Justin Campaign's 'Football v. Homophobia' initiative from Feb. 18-26. Exeter City striker John O’Flynn is all for it:

Football should be about bringing people together whatever their backgrounds. Let's help make Exeter City a true community club welcoming to all be they young or old, black or white, male or female, gay or straight, disabled or able-bodied, with faith or without. As the saying goes - united we stand; divided we fall.

Sounds just like Philip Rivers, doesn't it?