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Rob Gronkowski has huge...hands

Rob Gronkowski

I woke up this morning to an...inspiring piece in the New York Times about the size of New England tight end Rob Gronkowski's...hands. Each hand measures 10 3/4 inches from pinky to thumb. That is a quarter-inch shorter than a football. Tell me the writer wasn't thinking about more than his hands...

Everything about Gronkowski seems oversize, from feet to personality. But his hands, sheathed in white gloves (“makes them look twice as big,” guard Logan Mankins said), are his most recognizable feature. At media day Tuesday, a television reporter asked Gronkowski if he could lean forward and compare hand sizes. His were roughly twice as big. Then she asked if he could name the cast from “Jersey Shore.” He obliged.

Studies show that the size of a man's hands don't reflect the size of his...other things. But I don't believe it. My...hand measures 8 1/2 inches. It corresponds just fine. Can I get an amen?