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Rapper Erick Sermon: You can't be gay and be a rapper or athlete

Rapper Erick Sermon denies that he is gay and says it's not possible to be a gay rapper or an athlete.

The EPMD member said that Hip Hop will never have openly gay rappers because it can play against an emcee to admit to homosexuality.

“No. It’s the same about when you talk about sports players, too. We don’t know if that’s going to ever happen because that’s a curse to be in sports and to be gay and be in Hip Hop and be gay. You can’t be on a basketball team, a football team and be homo. ... They'll kill you."

In a rambling video interview, Sermon decried seeing "girl on girl" or "boy on boy" action on A&E or VH1, saying this because these channels are controlled by gays and it's not something he wants his kids to watch, lest they be influenced.

He also denies rumors that he is gay, saying you could ask a lot of women who will deny it. “People know about me, about the women, there’s no hiding that. Niggas known I was dominant with that. Not to be boasting, but are you serious?” No homo, he.

Check out his bizarre interview: