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Shane Williams, Colorado Mesa Univ. football player, arrested for alleged attack on lesbian

Colorado Mesa University football player Shane Williams has been arrested for the alleged assault of a lesbian outside a bar early Friday morning. Chelsea Gallagher was sent to the hospital with a fractured skull after she and her girlfriend, Ashley Davis, were allegedly harassed with anti-gay language by Williams and at least one friend. Gallagher was the allegedly slammed to the pavement and lost consciousness. From NBC 11:

Gallagher says it started as an argument when she, her girlfriend and some other friends were leaving the Red Room on First Avenue early Friday morning.

"Going outside to leave, is when they started kind of making comments about us being gay and saying that Ashley looked like a boy and stuff," said Gallagher. ...

"My roommate said that he picked me up by the waste and slammed me down on the ground."

Gallagher can't remember many of the details before and after the physical attack. Williams was arrest Friday morning; Formal charges will be made later this week. Williams was a redshirt-freshman running back for the CMU Mustangs last year.