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Richard Simmons should host Saturday Night Live

Every once in a while I go to Richard Simmons' work-out class at his Slimmons Studio in Beverly Hills. I've noticed over the last year that more and more gay men are showing up. When I first went a couple years ago, it was 95% women; Now it's probably 80-20. It's a great workout no matter who you are, as I've written before.

This past Saturday there were a couple guys who said they had started a "Richard Simmons Should Host SNL" page on Facebook. I couldn't agree more. He's really funny, his timing is impeccable, and he's got a ton of energy. So please 'like' their Facebook page and send it to friends. Richard Simmons hosting SNL would be 90 minutes of pure hilarity. His appearance on 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' (after the jump) remains one of the funniest (and gayest) five minutes of TV I've ever seen.