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Gay Asian blogger says Jeremy Lin 'Linsanity' is getting him more sex

Gay Asian blogger I Am Yellow Peril, aka Justin, has noticed a trend in the last month with the growing Linsanity over New York Knick Jeremy Lin. Since the Harvard grad started on his tear through the NBA, Jason has been getting more attention from guys at bars...and more sex propositions on gay meet-up sites. He relays one encounter with a (what he calls) very attractive guy at L.A.'s Akbar:

The boy, who I’ll call Tim, was I think mixed race, and generally too attractive for me. (I tend to like gruff guys anyway, the type who look like they can take a punch.) But it’s always pleasant when an Adonis turns out to be good conversation, and after a few drinks, I asked him what he was looking for.

“To be honest,” Tim replied, taking a swig of Anchor Steam, “I’ve been on an Asian kick ever since Linsanity. I think he’s so hot, and I’m surprised I’ve never been with an Asian guy before.”

And from the photo above (taken for tommy+alan photography's series on "Sexy Geeks") Justin has gotten quite a bit of attention for himself on Adam4Adam:

Since then, I’ve gotten wing-manned by Linsanity on several more occasions. On my Adam4Adam account, I have a picture posted that features me clutching a strategically-placed basketball. (I took this picture as one of the subjects of a photography project called Sexy Geeks.) The photoshoot was taken months before Jeremy’s Shakespearean rise to meteoric stardom, when the image of an Asian man clutching a basketball was meant to be a critique on societal stereotypes. How quickly things change.

Now, I’d gotten no less than 30 messages on Adam4Adam that directly comment on the basketball picture, gushing about Jeremy Lin.

Has WeHo's version of "Linsanity" hit elsewhere?

Hat tip to Towleroad. You can follow tommy+alan photography on Twitter.