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Jared Max ratings through the roof, ESPN radio host No. 1 in key demos

Jared Max came to ESPN Radio in New York City about a year ago. Shortly after arriving, he came out of the closet in a spur-of-the-moment decision on air. Now he's sitting atop the radio dial and building a core audience that has made him No. 1 in key demographics.

"Maxed Out in the Morning with Jared Max" runs 4am-6am Monday through Friday. In those two hours for the Arbitron rated month of January, he drew almost a 9 share of Men 25-54; He also drew an astounding 21 share of men 18-34! That means almost 21% of men in that age group who were listening to the radio...were listening to Max. That made him No. 1 in both demos.

WEPN program director Justin Craig said Max's show burst out in January from "consistency and playing the hits":

When you look at the confluence of the stories of the day, from the Jets not making the playoffs for the first time in two years to the Giants riding an unbelievable playoff run to the Super Bowl, mixed in with his personality, it’s a match with his passionate listeners that is working. Jared keeps the show based on information, mixes in his personality and helps promote what’s coming up on the well established Mike and Mike in the Morning, and it seems to be working nicely.

WEPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning also showed strong growth in January. The New York Daily News credited Max's huge lead-in as a big reason for the climb. Max is also part of the Mike-squared show from 6am to 10am.

Max told Outsports he's thrilled with the ratings climb:

My approach to work remains the same, regardless of ratings. "If you build it they will come". That this show in its infancy stage is registering well, I'm thrilled. We're connecting.