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Streamline Hotel, the birthplace of NASCAR, is now a gay bar

In 1947, Bill France Sr. outlined the foundation of NASCAR in his room at the Streamline Hotel in Daytona, Fla. Now, the lounge of that hotel is a gay bar. From Yahoo! Sports:

Where else could you purchase a Kurt Busch vintage die-cast car for $44.95 while listening to a husky drag queen belt out Shania Twain’s “Man, I feel like a woman?”

“Showtime … (at the) NASCAR bar,” the Streamline’s promotional flyer proudly read. “Where the men are men (and so are some of the women.)”

Longtime Outsports reader Leland Wykoff confirmed the report:

I had the opportunity to visit the Streamline Hotel on a recent Florida visit. The Streamline is now gayer than Clay Aiken. They do have memorabilia of the NASCAR history, along with a bitching "drag review." It is also the oldest standing hotel on Daytona Beach, due to being the first fireproof hotel built on the island, and thus the concrete and steel structure has survived the hurricanes.

The place doesn't seem to have the best reputation. A quick perusal of online reviews showed lots of comments like "close the place down," "moldy, smelled bad, stained sheets" and "this hotel is a dump."

Check out for more info on gay Daytona.

Spring break, anyone?