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NBC: Tim Tebow didn't snub Rosie...who likes Tebow's eyes

12:40pmPT: Rosie O'Donnell has finally tweeted about meeting Tim Tebow:

And apparently she tried to set up the Broncos back-up starting back-up starting quarterback with Jenny McCarthy:

11:21amPT: NBC Sports says the rumor is not true, and that Tebow talked to Rosie for about 30 seconds. We've heard from at least one person who heard the interview. So strange that Francesa would claim otherwise.

11:03amPT: Here's a photo putting Rosie and Tebow within a few feet of each other. Not sure what that means for the bigger story.

10:37amPT: There's a story coming out of Indianapolis today that Tim Tebow has refused to do an interview with Rosie O'Donnell "because of her lifestyle." We've heard two reports that WFAN's Mike Francesa reported on the snub and the reason for it just moments ago. Rosie O'Donnell did tweet an hour ago that she was "At the superbowl press thingy." She is currently tweeting pics from the event, but no word on the Tebow snub.

If you have more information, please post it below. Story developing...

Hat tip to Charley, Robert and other Tweeters.