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New York Giants owner Steve Tisch had toenails painted for good luck

For those of you tired of hearing about the Super Bowl, we're sorry - but there are just too many great storylines that make it the gayest ever. The latest comes from gay-friendly New York Giants owner Steve Tisch, who had his toenails painted red and blue over the last few weeks (including the Super Bowl) for good luck.

The 62-year-old businessman and film producer allowed his children to paint his nails as a joke five weeks ago, and was too superstitious to remove the polish as the Giants began to power their way through the playoffs.

“If this is how it is going to work out then maybe I should wear it all the time,” Tisch joked. “I was going to get rid of it but my daughters thought it was funny and then we just kept winning.

If only Robert Kraft had done the same...