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Diana Nyad attempting Cuba to Florida swim for the fourth time

Out distance swimmer Diana Nyad says she will again attempt to swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys this summer. It will be her fourth attempt. She first tried what she calls the "Xtreme Dream" in 1978 at the age of 29, but she was thwarted by bad weather. Last summer she attempted the swim twice, but she was beaten back by an injury, asthma and jellyfish stings.

Now she says she understands the entire problem has been the jellyfish all along (she talks about it in a video after the jump), and she's figuring out, with the help of various companies, how to protect herself from those.

While these swims are starting to feel a little bit like the boy who cried wolf, we have to praise Nyad for not letting go of her dream. Too often people accept rejection and setbacks on the first try. Nyad won't be stopped, which is a testament to her character.

We'll again follow her in this crusade and hope she finally completes her dream of 34 years.

You can follow Nyad's quest on Twitter.