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Jalen Rose has a problem with shirtless men chest-bumping one another

Jalen Rose is in hot water over calling Patriots tight end "white boy wasted" this morning on the Mike & Mike Show, but it's his homophobic comment that has out wrestler Akil Patterson hot under the collar. According to Patterson, Rose (who is an expert on losing championships) said in his tirade against Gronkowski's post-Super Bowl dancing: “I got a problem when any guy has his shirt off and chest bumps another man."

Rose quickly took to Twitter to give the middle finger to everyone who might have not liked his racial and homophobic comments:

Notice the all-caps YOU - making it crystal clear he's not apologizing to anyone else. He gave a half-hearted "apology" on air after he got caught in a whirlwind of reaction, but he laughed it off.

Of course, ESPN has deleted that portion of the interview so we cannot hear it (listen for the edit three seconds in).

While the comment may seem innocuous, Rose made it clear he doesn't want two men touching one another with their bodies. Where do you think that comes from? He's perfectly fine with men being naked, showering together. But once they touch? All bets are off. As we saw with ESPN's Rob Parker earlier this week, his comments reflect the root of homophobia.

Rose knows a thing or two about losing championship games. He lost in the NCAA championship game two years in a row with Michigan; And he lost in the NBA Finals with the Indiana Pacers in 2000. He was also suspended by ESPN last year for a DUI arrest.