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John Fashanu claims brother Justin Fashanu was not gay

John Fashanu, brother of the late Justin Fashanu (right), claims his brother was not gay and "came out" simply to get attention. John, himself a former professional footballer, said last week:

My daughter was very close to her uncle and it has taken a long time for her to understand that Justin wasn’t really gay, he just wanted attention.

I remember Justin coming out with another story about him dating Coronation Street lady as well. Again, that was another made up story to get front pages.

When I said this to Justin he’d say, ‘I need publicity, I need publicity.’ That was where he’d derive his attention and his money.

It wasn’t the fact of him being gay, or whether he’s white or whether he’s black, that was never a concern to me whatsoever.

What was a concern to me was somebody going and screaming on the rooftops “I’m black” or “I’m heterosexual” or “I’m gay” to get publicity or money.

Making up stories to get attention.

Other than these claims by his brother, there is no reason to believe Justin was anything but gay.

Justin Fashanu has become a symbol of homophobia in soccer since his suicide in 1998. It has been widely speculated that he faced charges for sexual harassment just before his death.

John has always maintained that his brother faced a backlash of homophobia in the sport. John has painted a dire situation for any out soccer player, saying there's a better change of a black Pope than an openly gay pro footballer in England.