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Football players at Johnson High School in San Antonio stand up for bullied teens

Quarterback Cohner Mokry stands up to bullies

For all those people who still think every football player is a bullying thug, check out this fantastic story from Claudia Taylor Johnson High School in San Antonio, Texas. A student there was being bullied last autumn, and the bullies wouldn't stop. Counselor Carri Elliott asked the football coach to find some footballers to help protect the bullied teen. From the San Antonio Express-News:

Though they didn't know the freshman, quarterback Cohner Mokry, now 17, right guard Ryder Burke, 18, and right tackle Austin Carson, 18, soon had his schedule memorized. The three seniors would leave class a couple of minutes early to meet the boy outside his classroom and chat with him as he got to his next class.

“He was so by himself,” Burke said. “Us three were already great friends and ... he just got tossed into the mix.”

The three football players confronted the bullies...and soon the boy was part of the football players' group of friends. While the boy has moved away from the school (not because of the bullying), the school has expanded the program to protect more and more bullied students.

By November, the seniors had ended the bullying so effectively that Elliott expanded the Bully Guards to include nine more football players and four other tormented students. Next year, 18 football players will help eight incoming freshmen, she said.

Mokry happens to be a pretty good quarterback. You can see in his recruiting video that he can throw a nice ball and also run 60 yards for a touchdown, pulling away from the safety. We'll have to keep an eye on this great kid.

Read the full story from the San Antonio Express-News.