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Exclusive: Serena Williams on the set of 'Drop Dead Diva'

Kate Levering and Serena Williams on set of 'Drop Dead Diva'

Pro tennis legend Serena Williams guest stars on this season's Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime, and Outsports snagged an exclusive photo of her with one of the show's stars, Kate Levering. Williams plays a lawyer representing Brandy Norwood's character in a custody case against law firm head honcho Jay Parker (Josh Stamberg). Fresh off his win at the GLAAD Awards last Saturday, show creator and executive producer Josh Berman told Outsports:

It was amazing. She was a total pro. The actors loved having her on set. In fact, I hear that one of the actors is going to the gym with her after she's done shooting.

The season premiere of Drop Dead Diva is June 3 on Lifetime.