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Former NBA player Doug Christie and his wife Jackie Christie get married in a gay bar

Doug Christie and his wife Jackie have remarried on their anniversary for years. This year, for their 17th wedding anniversary, they wanted to show their support for same-sex marriage rights. So they decided to hold the ceremony at the gay club Eleven in West Hollywood. This past Sunday, July 8, dozens of their friends packed the upstairs lounge of the bar and bore witness as Doug and Jackie renewed their wedding vows. Outsports was in attendance and heard Jackie say to the crowd:

The reason we wanted to do it here was we wanted to bring attention to the gay community. We are very very fond supporters. We absolutely love, adore and stand united with all people no matter what gender, doesn't matter if you're gay or lesbian, whatever it is we love you, and we want you to all be able to get married too, when you want to. And we're going to keep fighting until you're able to, just like we are today. So thank you.

Downstairs the gay clientele was able to watch the ceremony and snap photos of the happy couple. The Christies also posed for the NOH8 campaign last week, and they revealed their beautiful photo at the ceremony.

What a great couple. We are so lucky to have their vocal support!