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Rhode Island School of Design students love their Nads and Balls

I've long thought Stanford University had the best mascot. I mean, how can you beat a dancing tree -- sometimes palm, sometimes pine -- that's always high as a kite?

Well, the Rhode Island School of Design has put the dancing tree to shame. We're not talking Div. I here. Heck, we're not even talking Div. III. But the mascots for the schools two athletic teams are quite unique. The hockey team is called the "Nads," and has been for decades. Yet it's only been in the last dozen years that their mascot, Scrotie, has appeared on the scene to accompany the "Go Nads" chants. He even got a new look a couple years ago (below). It gives new meaning to "cocky mascot." You can see videos of Scrotie in action below.

The basketball team is slightly less scandalous, simply calling themselves the "Balls." But somehow, on all of their T-shirts and marketing materials, they manage to put two balls next to one another. Slogans like "Support Your Balls" are not uncommon on campus. Oh those crazy college kids....