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Wrestler Shawn Michaels 'apologizes' for 'homo' tweet

Last week, WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Shawn Michaels tweeted a biting response to a fan who asked him a question about his hairline. While the tweet has since been removed from Michaels' Twitter feed, Wrestling News Source reported it as:

Another Dude obsessed w/my hair #homo

On Sunday, Michaels tweeted this "apology":

He then followed up with a series of retweets to explain that anyone offended by the joke was just being too sensitive:

Before he went to bed that night, however, he reiterated his apology:

While the apology (and ensuing "you're being too sensitive") was pretty lame, the original tweet was hardly a felony. In the long list of homophobic remarks by athletes, this one ranks way down there. Michaels gets a ton of ribbing about his hair, and I'm sure he's quite tired of guys giving him shit for it. So I can see where the quick shot across the bow came from, even if the language he used wasn't the best. And he did acknowledge that it was a mistake, which is appreciated.

Interestingly, Michaels, who is a prolific tweeter with 750k+ followers, hasn't tweeted anything original since the incident.

Hat tip to Ross Forman.