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Steve Buckley reporting on Boston sports like he always did, wins Telly Award

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What I love most about Steve Buckley is that he does his job. The Boston Herald sports columnist came out of the closet publicly last year. While he's happy to appear at Boston gay softball events, or do the occasional media appearance talking about LGBT issues in sports, his focus has continued to be the Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots...and his job writing about them. Gay or not, he's a respected sports columnist in Boston. The fans don't care that he's gay, and Buck's writing doesn't care either.

Two days before my Harwich High School class reunion on Cape Cod last summer, I met Buckley for the first time. I posted a message on Facebook beaming that I had a fantastic dinner and great conversation with him. At the reunion, a straight classmate, Kevin McInnis, was pissed because I'd met the great Steve Buckley and he had not. "Membership has its privileges," I said. He laughed.

Buckley and his Boston Herald colleagues won a Telly Award for this report earlier this year on Fenway Park's 100th birthday. It's just Buck doing his job...