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It Gets Better looking for cast members for their next MTV special

The It Gets Better project produced a fantastic, heartfelt full-length special that premiered on MTV earlier this year. It chronicled the stories of three young people in the LGBT community who struggled with some form of coming out or repression. Now they're producing a second special and they want you to be featured!

If you're coming out, particularly if you have a coming out story in sports, we'd love to see you as a part of the next It Gets Better special. It's a great project they're working on with MTV, and it's a great opportunity to infuse sports into more of the discussion! Check out the submission info below. Good luck!

The more information you share, the better we get to know you! You should be open to sharing your stories and struggles on-camera. If interested, please email us your story and the following information at

Please include:
-Phone Number

Your Story:
-When did you become aware of your sexual orientation/gender identity?
-How "out" are you to your parents, family, friends, classmates, co-workers, etc?
-What sort of relationship do you currently have with your family?
-What, do you think, are the unique challenges that you face as an LGBT person?
-What needs to get better for you? What has gotten better for you?
-What are the biggest challenges you currently face and how are you approaching these challenges?
-When you're not in school or at work, what do you do for fun? What makes you most happy? What are your future goals?