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London 2012 photos: Swimmer Matt Targett targets his inner Wolverine from "X-Men"

Australian swimmer Matt Targett is seriously built and he knows it. On his Twitter page, the former Auburn Tiger swimmer posted a picture of himself channeling his inner Hugh Jackman as Wolverine from "X-Men." Wrote Targett:

How much trouble will I get in for posing with guns?

This is a reference to fellow Aussie swimmers Kenrick Monk and Nick D'Arcy getting in trouble for posing with guns at a U.S. gun shop on Facebook. The two will be allowed to swim their events, but then the Australian Olympic Committee has ordered them both home when they are finished.

Targett is a member of the Australian 4x100-meter freestyle relay team and he posed a photo session Down Under with Getty Images photographer Mark Dadswell. (Wolverine photo from Targett's Twitter page).

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