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Gay Games X bidding ends soon, five cities now in the running

If you'd like to host Gay Games X in your city in 2018, time's running out. The deadline to submit the Federation of Gay Games' request for information is July 15. So far, five cities have submitted the necessary documents: Limerick (Ireland), London, Orlando, Paris and Rio de Janeiro. You can read their full press release.

If it's down to these five cities, it will be fascinating to watch the selection process. All of these cities have the potential to host a fantastic event, and the geographic location of them all could play a role. The FGG hasn't held the Games in the same country consecutively since 1986; Unless they're willing to buck that trend, that would hurt Orlando's chances. Rio is a fascinating selection, but the travel costs and travel distance from Europe would hurt participation (as did the location of Sydney in 2002, despite how amazing Sydney was as a host). Limerick, London and Paris are all intriguing, but the Europeans have drifted more to the Outgames of late, resulting in Cologne hosting the smallest number of participants since 1990.

It's great to see five strong cities stepping up to host; I know we'll be there no matter where it is!